We have a great woodworking area, which is well fitted out with tools and equipment. The “Woodies” pride and joy is a commercially sized bench saw which will make light work of ripping timber (and yer fingers)

Community Projects

The Community Shed members involve themselves in a variety of community projects. A prime example for 2022 is the installation and maintenance of the hanging baskets in Argyll St. These are well appreciated by the whole town.

Other community projects for 2021 have included:

Befriender’s bench, John Street.

Friendship benches for Police Scotland.

Innellan Community Group benches.

Raptor Group owl boxes.


Our gardening project is now starting to take off and we have just started (Oct 2021) to redesign this area. This has been made possible with funding received from: The Co-op, Tesco, Wee Magic Grants and The Bank of Scotland.

So, if you’re into gardening and a bit of “landscaping” come and join us.

The Dunoon Community Shed is a registered charity and is a member of the Scottish Men’s Shed Association.

Our primary role is to improve the health, well-being and social needs of older men. We do this by creating a warm friendly environment within our social area and workshop facilities. Members can work on their own projects or involve themselves in our many and varied community projects. Some older members just come in for the company, a cuppa and a chat.

About Us

For the members who wish to participate in engineering activities, our newly acquired 4 post car lift.(Thanks to the astounding generosity of our local Co-op and customers) is a fantastic addition.

We also have a Colchester lathe, a small milling machine and a welding bay.

There is also a separate area for working on electrical and gardening equipment.

Engineering Mech & Elec

We have several members who are tapped into their creative side and use the Community Shed for crafts and hobbies. These include: model making, painting, filmmaking and others activities.

If you have a project you want to work on, I’m sure we can find you a wee space.

Arts & Crafts